Family Card
Family Card
Virtutis gloria merces  
The reward of valour is glory

This branch of the McDonagh family has its known roots in Co. Mayo, Ireland. While this Irish background flows through the blood line, the author of this site is Canadian. The web site serves two purposes. Firstly, this family tree is to have all my known and unknown relatives, learn a bit about their ancestors and where we all came from, and secondly, the possibility of other visitors making a connection to their roots that my be connected to this family. The compilation is the author’s own doing but is based on invaluable information and assistance from a number of relatives. The tree includes all known roots, branches and twigs of ancestors and living relatives, who by marriage are associated in some way to this McDonagh family. There are other branches of McDonagh with roots in Ireland and hopefully additional connections will be discovered to take our family further back in history.

Considering the privacy of living relatives, only the names of living persons are published, while the names, place of birth, death and burial are shown for those no longer living. All the information is based on sources and confirmed documents, which can be made available for legitimate connections. Any email request will be answered. As with many families, the further back in history one goes, the less reliable information and dates become. Should you recognize anyone in this tree and some apparent information is missing, please send an email with the details.

Please explore this site using the links located on each page, plus the various family links. Enjoy your stay and if you should find you have a connection, be sure to send an email, so you can be included in this Family Tree. Come back often, because a family tree grows every day.